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Wow! Science - Magnets!

Event Type: NONE
Age Group(s): School Age
Date: 12/20/2022
Start Time: 4:00 PM
End Time: 4:50 PM
 Wow! Science with science edutainer Mark Carter! Magnets! An Invisible Repelling And Attractive Force.
Magical science with ceramic, neodymium and electro magnets is amazing and brings the audience together for some awesome fun. Mark performs several amazing magnetic magic tricks that astonish and mystify. We experiment with magnetic toys inviting the audience to participate and think creatively. What makes something magnetic or could everything be magnetic? How the earthís magnet field protects us from the Sunís extreme energy. Testing rocks from the back yard we see some rocks are magnetic. How do giant magnets pick up cars and make trains levitate? Can magnetic fields lift a human being? Cow magnets, horse shoe magnets, buzz magnets plus more as this show pulls in the crowd!
Library: Northwest Regional    Library location
Location: City of Surprise Room
Presenter: Mark Carter