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Event Type: Book Discussion
Age Group(s): Adults
Date: 1/28/2020
Start Time: 2:00 PM
End Time: 4:00 PM
 Read, discuss, repeat! Explore popular and award-winning titles with other book lovers. This month: The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules.
Library: Fountain Hills Branch    Library location
Location: Conference Room
Other Information:
 Funded by the Friends of the Fountain Hills Library

Discussion Questions:
1.Which of the characters in the "League of Pensioners" was your favorite?  Why?
2.Discuss the background for each of the main characters.  What do you learn about their lives before the old age home?  How do their previous lives impact their decision to go on a crime spree?
3. In what ways was the old age home a disappointment to the league? What were the perks?
4.What do you think the league gained by their crime spree?  In what ways were they looking to change their lives?
5.What things about prison did the league enjoy?  In what ways was prison a disappointment?  When the oldies leave prison, they never want to return.  Why do you think that is?
6.A Swedish prison, an old age home or life at the Grand Hotel - which would you prefer? Why?
7.Which secondary character did you enjoy the most?  How did his/her story add to the book?
8.If you were to commit a crime, what avenue of illicit activity would you pursue?
9.Fiction has come a long way from “Driving Miss Daisy”. A genre is growing that featuring vibrant older individuals. Why is this type of fiction important?
10.Studies show that some countries tend to emphasize protection of the young, while others emphasize protection for the
elderly. How can communities find balance for all their
vulnerable populations?
11.Author Ingelman-Sundberg has said her inspiration for the novel was her own frustration at the lack of representation of older people in literature, and her perception that some Swedish elderly care homes offered worse living conditions than prisons. What
challenges do the elderly in our communities face?
12.Did this book change your view of the elderly in any way?  If so, how?
13.Have you read any other Norse fiction (A Man Called Ove, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, etc…) are there similarities in themes or style to this book?Did you learn anything about Sweden or its cultures from the book?
14.Did you find any themes or symbols in the book? How did they impact your enjoyment of the story?
15.What was the biggest obstacle the League of Pensioners had to
16.What did you think of the ending?  Would you be
interested in reading more about The League of Pensioners?
17.Did you enjoy the book? Would you recommend this book?  To whom and why?