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Reading Club

Event Type: Adult
Age Group(s): Adults
Date: 4/11/2019
Start Time: 3:00 PM
End Time: 4:30 PM
 Read, discuss, repeat! Explore classic, popular and award-winning fiction titles with other book lovers. This month: A Northern Light, by Jennifer Donnelly.

Library: Fountain Hills Branch    Library location
Location: Conference Room
Other Information:
 Funded by the Fountain Hills Friends of the Library.

Discussion Questions:
1. Why is Pa so against Mattie working at the Glenmore Hotel? Is he a good father?
2. Referring to Mattie's promise to her mother, Weaver says, "God took her life and she took yours." Why look at the situation that way? What might have been her mother's motives? Do you think Mattie is obliged to keep that oath? What would you advise?
3. Miss Parrish says Mattie's
writing is bad. Miss Wilcox says it is a gift. Why are their opinions and subsequent advice about her writing so different?
4. Why does Royal race his
horses when Mattie tells him that nothing is more exciting than books? Why does Mattie agree to marry him?
5. Mattie says at the Glenmore she learned "when to tell the truth and when not to." Under what circumstances might it be better not to tell the truth?
6. Why would Grace Brown want the letters destroyed? Shouldn't Mattie tell someone about the
letters as soon as Grace's body is found? Why doesn't she?
7. Do you think it's possible for Mattie to pursue her love of books without sacrificing the love of
another person?
8. Why does Weaver get involved in so many confrontations? How else might Weaver have handled the situation?
9. What does Miss Wilcox mean when she says that voice is not just the sound that comes from your throat but the feeling that comes from your words?
10. Weaver wishes there were
happy endings in real life. Are there?
11. Why does Mattie decide to leave all she knows for a new life? What would have happened if she decided to remain in Eagle Bay?